Top 5 WordPress Plugins 2022

Almost a half of websites you see on daily basis are made with WordPress and that’s for a reason. It’s a simple-to-use platform, quite directly making web management easy. WordPress welcomes inexperienced users because you don’t need to know how to code, it is easy to learn, and you will not need an expert’s help. Sites built with WordPress enlarge their functionalities with small pieces of software called plugins. Plugins will give your WordPress an edge over your competition and make your web stand out among many. Let’s go through the plugins that will skyrocket your website.

1. WP Maintenance

Maintenance of the web encompasses numerous tasks that you might need assistance with as a WordPress user. If you are a fan of making web maintenance work easy, then this premium WordPress plugin is the right choice for you. WP Maintenance will make sure your visitors don’t see a broken or under construction page, but still keep your SEO game on point. It comes equipped with all you need, focusing on speed and productivity as the main assets of the plugin. So far there are over 700.000 users worldwide.


2. Simple Author Box

Placing a responsive author box on the sites that publish original content has never been easier. Simple Author Box is the best way to ensure the promotion of one or more authors of the content. Some features that don’t come with WordPress are compromised with plugins like this one. Fully customizable with additional features Simple Author Box will let novices make professional author boxes. Now your authors get the credit they deserve, but you can additionally promote your authors by linking the author box to their official internet representation, whether it is a webpage or social media. Simply, Simple Author Box covered it all. This way the promotion brings mutual benefits for both site and content creators.


3. Under Construction Page

Under Construction Page is a premium WordPress plugin that saves time and money. It is made to create attractive coming soon or under construction pages with a special focus on the simplicity of use. Feature-wise this plugin comes equipped with everything necessary to reach the goal. It doesn’t require coding knowledge either and its Drag & Drop builder just does an amazing job.  You will no longer spend hours on creating an attractive under construction page because Under Construction Page will do it for you.


4. WP Force SSL

WP Force SSL is the most real when it comes to finding and solving SSL issues on the WordPress site instantly. The crucial aspect of SEO ranking is tied to a valid SSL certificate and its configuration. This plugin works proactively, monitoring over 50 potential errors that can put your site in trouble. Its power is shown with the Content Scanner feature because it will scan every single corner of your site looking for content errors.


5. WP Sticky

Absolute beginners can make great sticky content for the web with our WP Sticky since it takes seconds to set up and is extremely easy to use. The fact that it delivers great results with no coding involved made its popularity grow and today it counts more than 100.000 active users of this premium plugin.  In that sense, even if you are new to WordPress don’t worry. Use WP Sticky and start creating and placing sticky elements to your site: sticky header, sticky widget, sticky navigation menu, or else – you name it.