How to preserve herbs

how to preserve herbs

Enjoying a big bounty of herbs from the garden this year? Fresh is best when it comes to cooking with them, but here are ten easy ways you can preserve them. 14 Sep The problem is, I can't possibly eat all of these herbs before a killing frost hits! I need some unique and creative ways to preserve fresh herbs to. Preserving fresh herbs from the garden is easy, and also a great way to save money. Learn about the different techniques for preserving your fresh herbs.

How to preserve herbs -

One of the easiest ways to preserve herbs is by clipping stems, forming them into bundles, and air drying them in a warm room out of direct sunlight. Pesto Pesto is another gem and freezes beautifully, how to preserve herbs. Dehydrator Method The dehydrator is one of my favorite things to use in my kitchen. The next step is good if you expect it to take longer to use the herbs: Thinking it was an herb myself, I let it be. The exact time will depend on which herbs are being stored, which is best looked up for the specific herb. Close this dialog to confirm you are happy with . how to preserve herbs How to store herbs such as thyme, parsley, rosemary and basil