How to care for herbs

how to care for herbs

Caring for herbs isn't much different from watching out for your other annuals and perennials, but herbs may have a few special requests. Although each type of. Although they are easy to grow, herbs in your garden require maintenance just like any other plant. With proper care, you can have fresh herbs like lavender. May 8, Once the herbs are planted, you'll need to care for the herbs. Growing herbs indoors successfully has four important parts: light, temperature. how to care for herbs Herbs provide beauty and fragrance in the garden and abundant flavor in your kitchen. Most herbs are easy to grow and, once planted, require little care besides. Once your herb garden is established you'll need to do a little maintenance to keep it flourishing (see Caring for Your Herb Garden). Herbs are generally pretty . Many kitchen gardeners love the convenience of fresh herbs at home, and what could be more convenient that an indoor herb garden? Even if you live in an.