Herbs to plant for chickens

herbs to plant for chickens

Chickens love herbs, so dosing them with these natural compounds is an easy task. All in all, most herbs are beneficial and growing them to add to the nest. A fresh mixture of mint, lemon balm, lavender, and rose petals makes the nesting box a calm, happy place for hens. Most chickens love munching on fresh herbs! This handful of dried oregano, sage, dill, marjoram, basil, and marigold petals is one serious health booster. These eight herbs and plants for your backyard chickens are easy enough to grow for the beginning gardener and are old favorites for the experienced gardener.

Herbs to plant for chickens -

Thyme bundles hung around the run or sprinkled in the nest boxes are a great way to keep pests at bay. Cape Cod Candy Shop. Of course, make sure to only use wild plants and beneficial weeds from areas that have not been treated with herbicides or weed killers. I have some books on halal food, natural nutrition and without detrimental i think teher are many suspicious addtives and some alternative life. Calendula is easy to grow from d herbs shampoo, plant just after last frost and they should flower from mid summer to mid fall. Do you plant crops near your chickens to provide them with additional feed during the year? herbs to plant for chickens

Herbs to plant for chickens -

I would start with those you might also use in cooking, so they fo-ti herb double duty. As far as what herbs are safe for chickens to eat, there are multiple printouts of herbs that you can feed chickens in this post. We use lemon balm for tea and as a pleasantly-scented addition to nest boxes. Feed fresh as a green chicken treat or dry this easy-to-grow herb like the mint above, by hanging bundles upside down and then packing dried leaves into jars. Lavender has a calming effect on the chickens, increases blood circulation, and is a highly aromatic insecticide.