Herbs for frequent urination

herbs for frequent urination

Feb 11, This often leads to urinary incontinence or loss of bladder control. an urgent need to urinate; urine leakage; frequent trips to the bathroom. Frequent urination means urination more than usual. It is also referred as Overactive Bladder. It may be caused due to urinary tract infection, pregnancy. Jan 20, Urinary incontinence, generally referred to as overactive bladder, is a common and often This helps you save frequent visits to the bathroom. Apr 24, A person with OAB can keep a diary of urinary habits, including bathroom trips, Several herbs and natural supplements have been recommended for the Frequent urination: Causes, symptoms, and treatment Frequent. Frequent urination simply means urinating more often than usual. Frequent urination can also be the first symptom of diabetes, both type 1 and type 2, .. Pls i need help is there any herbal remedy 4 treating it(frequent urination)?Thank you . May 28, Given below are some of the possible causes of frequent urination. Holy basil ( tulsi) is an antioxidant medicinal herb that helps in eliminating.