Anti fever herbs

anti fever herbs

Also called antipyretic: Herbs that reduce fever are useful in a wide range of conditions including colds and flu and viral infection. In holistic tradition, herbs are not used to reduce fever unless there is also to the body by way of the metabolism) may act through an anti-microbial action. Mar 27, Herbal teas can be helpful during a fever since they stimulate the the same analgesic and anti-inflammatory herbs benefits in many cases.

Anti fever herbs -

Chanca Piedra, Phyllanthus niruri. Myrrh Gum Commiphora molmol. Herbal Remedies for Fever A fever, or sudden rise in body temperature, is often on of the first signs that something is wrong healthwise. Raspberry Leaf, Rubus idaeus. Blessed Thistle, Cnicus benedictus. anti fever herbs